First of all I want to say a big MAHOOOOSIVE thanks to you readers, both old and new, who take valuable time out of your days to take a gander at my little piece of the World Wide Web – You’re all wonderful and strange in equal measure.

Now for the serious stuff. Meh.

I’m pretty sure you will have gathered this by now but ALL opinions expressed on my blog are mine and mine only. I am always honest (maybe too honest) about the people, places and products I cover and wouldn’t dream of telling you lovely lot porkies. Pinky promise. I also don’t make a habit of bad-mouthing and so if I don’t like something it won’t be featured.

In terms of the gorgeous garms one features on ones blog – the bulk are purchased with ones own dollar. From time to time I am indeed contacted by brands and/or PR’s and am offered product to style a look a la LOLLI and pop in a post. These items are very clearly marked with an *. All items that are sent to moi are on a ‘for consideration’ basis and so if it’s not my kind of thing I will kindly decline. Standard.

As well as posting about apparel I often chatter on about gigs and grub. Again if this is for review it will always be stated as such.

I have never and will never allow pop-up adverts, auto play videos or pre-page roll adverts on my blog nor do I accept sponsored posts or guest posts from brands with the sole purpose of SEO. I feel my readers value and trust my opinions and I in no way want to break the trust I have worked so hard to gain. Nuh uh.

I do however work with Reward Style and will always only link to brands that are relevant to the content, I actually wear and have a genuine interest in. As with brands and/or PR’s any product I am sent via affiliate programs are on a ‘for consideration’ basis and will be clearly marked with an *.

Right now that’s over who fancies a cuppa?