‘allo you dreamboat. And welcome to GIRL STOLE LONDON.

My name’s Lauren but you can call me Lolli or Lozza. Everyone else does.

I’m a thirty-something, unattached, born and raised Londoner who swears too much and sleeps too little, blindly feeling her way through adulthood and attempting to ‘have it all’.

Nice to e-meet you.

Born in 2011 this website began as a product of my chaotic social life, passion for all of the things (mainly gorgeous garms) and essentially to serve as a reminder – for when I am a spinster with 6 cats, a lady-beard and rapidly fading memory – that I, Lauren Stacey Mahon, was once a fun-loving girl about town who had ‘it’ (read: by ‘it’ I do not mean the clap).

Five years on this self-confessed over-sharer, lover of alliteration and insta-fiend (which is handy as it’s my J.O.B) is still trying to improve her below par street posing skills as well as using witty word-play to discuss the topics that matter to me (and hopefully you too) whilst sharing my 100% would recommend to eat, explore and entertain in my tart of a city; London Taaaaaan.

Don’t fret the words in question are accompanied by pretty London-centric pictures and I’ll be wearing clothes so, you know, fashion fix.

So grab yourself a cuppa and dive into the life of a small soul in The Big Smoke. And beyond.


#G I R L vs C A N C E R

In other news you may have noticed via my social media situations that I have breast cancer.

Shit innit?

It’s been caught early and I’m young, fit and feisty enough to kick this tumorous little twat into check. I count myself lucky. Others aren’t.

I’ll be sharing the tales of my treatment here too in an attempt to beat the cancer taboo and raise as much awareness as possible – early detection saves lives lovers.

You’ll be able to find these under the cleverly named category

#G I R L vs C A N C E R: Mammoirs Of Invasive Ductal Breast Carcinoma

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Pie + Mash would be my last meal.
I swear like a fucking sailor.
Garage is God’s music.
Wears all of the denim. All of the time.
Danny Dyer is my spirit animal.